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Jan 17, 2013 5:00am PST
is onboard with us he has done an excellent job, maintaining a professional demeanor and able to handle people's gamete of emotions when they do with us and the taxi services division. he has always been very supportive and collaborative with his colleagues and he has built a good working relationship with everyone. chatwick has been instrumental in developing polices and procedures to better serve our stakeholders and has done an excellent job of analyzing and troubleshooting issues. he has been particularly important in transforming our permit renewal process for more than 7,000 taxi drivers from an in-person renewal process on a single renewal date to a rolling system, and ability for drivers to renew by mail. he has stepped up to the plate and he is performing better than i must say a lot of our full-time professional staff, in fact. so we're very proud to recognize him today for his achieves. i would like to introduce chris, our director of taxi services >> good afternoon. >> it's a real pleasure for me to recognize a gem of an employee like chadwick lee, he really made a differ
Jan 16, 2013 12:00am PST
of reasons as we know. how did you grow out of that into not just into confidence but in to excellence? maybe that is in the wrong order. accidents and confidence. how did you navigate that -- pass that? >> the first attended is i went into self. i taught myself music. when my father left i was determined to get as good as him. i taught myself how to play music. i stuck with it and i did it all the time. sooner or later, people in the neighborhood heard about me and they started to talk about me. it was not in the teasing fashion. it was more like a look what he can do. there is something about having people around you giving you support that is -- it is motivating. once i got that support from people, i believed i could do anything. and i had a lot of really good teachers. my best friend, andre simone and his brother eddie, i am indebted to in this regard. they said you can do anything you wanted to. i kept rolling with it. eventually i went out to new york and i got turned down my first time. i was not -- i felt like jack johnson then to. i was not going to be put down. tavis: back to this
Jan 29, 2013 9:00pm PST
is a reaffirmation of what an excellent staff we have here as an agency. it's been a pleasure to work with the senior staff, the staff; even though he is technically not here -- he has moved on -- i do want to acknowledge again jose luis moskovitz [sounds like] and what he has contributed to the agency and his influence and impact can still be felt. it has been an honor for me to play this role. and the thing about these roles i do believe that all of us here in this room have something to add; it is important that other people have the opportunity to play this role. i want to thank my colleagues in the staff, especially my own staff who has been staffing me on these issues of particular sheila jone hagan [sounds like] advising the public transportation issues for quite some time. it's been an honor and i look forward to working with all of you in a different capacity. with that i will open it up to any public comment on this item. >> my name is francisco dacosta. the last time when the elections took place i was in favor of you, the chair, and i was not in favor of whoever became your vice chair
Jan 9, 2013 7:00am PST
who excel in two languages and our students are asked to demonstrate their chinese skills. today our graduates go to beijing, china to build bridges using their skills. today educators can answer the question, why teach chinese to them? by simply responding, why not. i share this very prestigious bell award proudly with my students and my staff. because they are the ones helping me make my dream come true every single day. above all, i remain grateful for the opportunity to do the work that i love. at a place that i helped create. lastly, i like to remind all of us that emersion education takes on many forms in today's educational arena. the focus is sometimes blurred. by different interpretations. or political agendas. i hope that the emersion education model as conceptualized and exemplified by the alice fong yu community, will help provide standards of all emersion education programs everywhere. thank you very much. [applause] >> we are very honor to recognize michelle kyung, a teacher at washington high school, and awarded the outstanding teacher of america award by the carl foun
Jan 12, 2013 2:25pm EST
present to you his excellency, the governor of the commonwealth of virginia, governor robert francis mcdonnell. [applause] >> thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. thank you for that warm welcome, and welcome back. mr. speaker, mr. president, the justices of the supreme court of virginia, ladies and gentlemen of the general assembly and my gather in mr. capital for the annual state of the commonwealth address. the virginia general assembly has met in this billing now for 220 years. the speaker was a young boy during that first session. [laughter] next door, the executive mansion is the oldest continuously all of the nation. this year, we markets 200th anniversary. i want to thank the first lady and all of her team for promoting -- for their work in promoting this extraordinary history. thank you maureen, and all my [applause] tonight, we can been surrounded by our legislative history that started way back in 1690, ready to do our part to create a more perfect union, and to cement a strong foundation for vir
Jan 8, 2013 6:30pm PST
access to high-quality food. and this will fuel our academic excellence. we look forward, and i look forward to feedback from our school communities. and it's been, interesting, ladies and gentlemen, of the hundreds of e-mails i receive on a daily basis. i want share a few comments from yesterday and today. from brett hart, teachers e-mailed me and said they never had seen but one mail on the shared table. this is amazing, exclamation point. from lowell high school they said, the food was great. and tenderloin elementary school, the hot dogs are great. can i get another one. and one who missed school regularly and on the spot ate her first school lunch ever. we had two teachers from everett middle school that were excited to try the food lunch for the first time, their response, keep it up. and we hope to reform in the public school and increase the number of students that eat school meals. we know that students who are fed and not hungry can be successful. we want to provide to the teachers and paraprofessionals and to get the word out that sfusd meals are fresh and tasty. and with
Jan 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
in our ap academy. we are very proud of her at washington high school. and it's excellent when your colleagues can stand up and say wonderful things about you. the principal and five former students and present students. there was a large article in the paper about her, and one student said that mrs. kyung shows huge role in education, and i look for someone to have impact on me. she educates with fun, she deserving this award because of her passionate input and i would like mr. tim allen to share this award. >> thank you, and good evening board of education and ladies and gentlemen. it is my honor to be here tonight. i get the opportunity to travel throughout california and make presentations at board meetings. and as you can imagine, some of them are quite interesting. but tonight i have a very good feeling about what is going on in this district. and congratulations to you, and what you have done. just seeing these students and the quality of the work they have learned is a testament to what you are doing in this district. i would like to share with you briefly the history of thi
Jan 9, 2013 9:30pm PST
of smaller facilities that may someday be used by a water taxi. >> excellent. is there any major change or vision for the plaza behind here? >> we're just starting to look at phase two of the downtown ferry terminal, looking at how we will accommodate three times as many ferry passengers. we will look at this plaza, how we best make use of it. how can a complement the ferry building and a much higher weight than it does now, and also a place where people want to be. that will be part of the upcoming study. >> we have all these various uses to make sure they're not conflicting, the use as a farmer's market and passengers, parking. i thought there were no parks or trucks allowed. what is the deal here? >> deliveries. all of the marketplace and merchants need to have vehicles to bring bread and delivered bread to other restaurants. >> that is true, we are orienting the ferry building, the first floor anyway, as part of a food center, restaurants and food services and supplies, and we need a place to deliver. you surely cannot park on embarcadero to deliver. you need a place to do it. when
Jan 14, 2013 7:00am PST
where suspects preyed on elderly members of the asian committee. investigators have done an excellent job. cases such as these are demanding requiring patience and understanding and compassion for the victims. financial crime members are also responsible for elderly abuse both physical and financial. while the majority of the cases are financial in fiscal year 2011-2012, we served 54 cases of elderly care abuse, in most cases the family member was identified as a perpetrator. these were difficult cases to prove due to the close relationship between the victim and the perpetrator, along with mental issues. determination has remained consistent in domestic violence investigation; there was a time when law enforcement only focused on investigation. chief suhr recognize importance of having advocacy groups located directly in the special victims unit. family can meet with investigators and have access to services in the system as they move forward. with the efforts of kathy black and -- svu has a children's room available which offers a safe environment for children exposed
Jan 14, 2013 5:30pm PST
excellent customer service to san francisco's small businesses. laura helps businesses comply with capacity charge regulations. serving in a much broader role, office of small business staff knows that miss arriola has served as the liaison to the department, constantly going above and beyond her duties in order to assist the small business puc issues. miss arriola exemplifies what the small business community can achieve. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> would you like to say a few words? >> i have worked for the city over ten years and i think that the city does a great job. and most of the time, if you can explain the problems, or explain the issues, the answers they may not be the ones that our customers, our clients, our citizens are looking for, but if they understand the issues, then they are satisfied. and usually happy. and sometimes it's just explaining it. so i am happy to be a part of the city family. i am happy to help with any and all problems. if the puc is involve, if i can't sense it, i'm sure i can direct it to the correct person. thank you very much. it rea
Jan 14, 2013 9:30pm PST
thank you again. i want to thank the nominating committee and the planning committee for their excellent work in ensuring that those very important community members who do so much to ensure that our communities remain strong and vibrant, those who are under served typically continue to be served that our communities are strengthened and our ties are bound and strong. so, in 2012, of this year, we are very lucky enough to have two very distinguished honorees for our distinguished service a word for the city and county of san francisco and the first person we will recognize tonight is vera noon tear if you can please u.s.a. plast she is the social director at the arab culture and community center and she helps hundreds of families in trans by providing social work service and is i know how important that work is and how difficult that work is and i can't thank you enough to ensure that all of our communities are cared for and ensure that all of our competency ask ins san francisco serve the arab and arab community know what to do when people walk through their doors so thank you so muc
Jan 29, 2013 6:00pm PST
and appointing fingers but once again not in 90 san francisco. together we strive for excellence in our public schools not excused. last year, i met with our community leaders the first time in our memories the mayor and others and we all agree that technology, expediting our kids earlier with the expectation for college and seth them to in our economies is the keys key to success and we're making progress. san francisco unified continues to be the hive urban development are high. we've seen double digit high-grades among our latin and africa kids >> results are being recognized for our achievement we received a federal grab the to bring job training in our mission neighborhood. the supervisor knows about this. these gains are possible because reforms are underway the partnership are in place. for our kids to succeed in this economy we must do more. that's why this year i will propose in my budgeted more resources more than $50,000,000,000 and $25 million for preschool activities. i view education as an be investment not an expense. the folk in the road for many kids and many families the poi
Jan 9, 2013 10:30am PST
. that means we have some excellent general contractors out there that could be excellent task inspectors or building inspectors as well. in order to get the legal benefits, the protections that are important, you want your inspection to be under that theory that is how you can get that 90-day [inaudible] as you start to interview your inspectors, i would ask them to a lot of questions. do not rely on just the resume. what you're really need to do is ask a series of probing questions. you want to know what their area of expertise is, how many times -- you want to ask them if they have any references, and if you follow through on those references, you should call the people and have a heart to heart conversation. [inaudible] you also want to ask to see a copy of the tass report. some recommendations that i think are pretty basic. you want to make sure that the inspector is pulling a full building permits. it is being felt as how accessible it should have been in the past. it is the context. you also want to make sure [inaudible] because we all are very visual people. you are going to be wo
Jan 19, 2013 6:20pm EST
had a book that came out on mass shootings, an excellent book. both those academics have studied over a long period of time and they claim -- and i've studied and i have done work with bill landes - and i don't think they see this long-term change. dwayne argues that the highest rate of mass shootings was in 1929. the growth the last few decades have been fairly fast and constant. host: columbus, ohio, democrats line, hello. caller: to listen to this man talk is breaking my heart. he talks about people being shot because of drug buying. those are still people and i think rather tent -- rather than to evaluate some people psychologically, we need to evaluate ourselves as a country. there is something wrong with that country that will find it all right to carry guns to the degree we carry guns and also, after the shooting, when they think the president is trying to ban guns, people go out and buy guns. we need to psychologically evaluate ourselves as a country compared to other countries that do not have as many gun deaths as we do. guest: i want to reduce drug >> tomorrow on "washingto
Jan 21, 2013 8:00am PST
. >> yeah, two inches. >> and you have a much bigger -- >> silver head. two inches. >> excellent. really good. and then here we have over here plastic. what do you use plastic for when you bring power into the building? >> that's not plastic. that's a nonmetallic rigid conduit. >> excuse me. it's not plastic but it's not metal. what is it? >> it's made out of p.v.c. and is suitable for underground for services and feeders and for pulling conductors in under the ground. >> i know in my neighborhood, in the inner sunset, we just had all of our utilities undergrounded so what used -- you know, one of these overhead service entrances is now underground that would have been the stuff that they switch it to. >> that's the cost effective method. >> excellent. >> when you put in a service, you also have to ground it. you connect it to the cold water pipe. you have to run supplementry round rods. this is a typical ground rod. it's actually seized in copper, a steel round rod with a copper coating. you have to drive it into the ground so that eight feet is in contact with the earth. >> one of the
Jan 4, 2013 2:30am PST
. excellent. take a stretch. lift our arms up high to the sky. we will start by creating trees. we will turn our arms into tree branches. our finger tips into leaves and we will sway in the breeze. when the wind picks up we will sway faster. we will make birds by taking our hands facing etch other, cross our thumbs and using our hands like bird wings. the birds are flying high above the treetops. in the forest is a river. we will lift our wrists and lower them to make water waves. very soft. you can hear the water flowing. in this river are fish. we will take the rig hand over our left and use our thumbs like fish fins and let your fish swim through the water it takes a big dive. >> and growing next to the river are a bed of flowers. opening one hand onfinger at a time watching the flower petal blossoms. we will take our other hand and turn it into a butterifiy much the butter fly will fly, fly, fly the and land on the flour and watch it fly away. drinking can a deer. take your thumb and the outside a n antlers. the deer hears a noise and in the distance is a hunter with a low and arrow. he
Jan 11, 2013 9:00am PST
invented something weeks later to prevent this from happening again. these are blinking ice cubes. excel rom ter motion data used to calculate the since and timer chip. the cubes can reliably guess how drunk you are. so your drink will flag you if you've had too much? >> exactly. >> they also blink in tune with music that might be happening in the bar or at the party. they can also sync up with his phone to text his friends if he's drinking too much. after he created this thing he took it for a test run back in december. he said he started off with his first drink. green blinking cubes in the first drink. had his second drink. cubes turn to orange. caution. third drink in less than 30 minutes. cubes started blinking red as a warning to slow down. >> i think this is a great idea, not just for a person, but for a bar owner to keep people from getting too tipsy. >> i can't help but think of using this as a fun drinking game. let's see how quickly we get these cubes to turn red. talks about how he made them, you don't taste them in the drink, taste like nothing, but cool to have a cup that t
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,837 (some duplicates have been removed)